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Xiaohong Kang

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Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that uses needles to stimulate natural healing and balance the body's energy flow. It's often used for pain and stress relief.

Traditional Chinese medicine

TCM is a 2000-year-old healthcare system from China that focuses on balancing the body's energy flow (Qi). Using Chinese herbal medicine to promote healing and restore health.


Xiaohong Kang

If you want to experience the benefits that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can offer you then we have the experience and skills you can rely on.

"Our commitment is to provide you with first class professional treatment in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Whatever your condition we will do our best to help improve your quality of life."

Let us help improve your quality of life

Could Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture help you?


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Chinese medicine

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Could Traditional Chinese Medicine
or Acupuncture help you?

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